Win by 13 and over
Win by 12 and under

YearRoundDateTime Home Team Score Score Away TeamReferee  Previous Games 
201724Aug 1717:50 Eels 59%vs41% Titans List 2017 Compare 2017
20156Eels22 vs 40Titans
201521Titans22 vs 35Eels
201614Eels30 vs 10Titans
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201724Aug 1816:00 Rabbitohs 73%vs27% Warriors List 2017 Compare 2017
201513Rabbitohs24 vs 34Warriors
201623Warriors20 vs 30Rabbitohs
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201724Aug 1817:50 Broncos 57%vs43% Dragons List 2017 Compare 2017
20157Dragons20 vs 36Broncos
201523Broncos34 vs 22Dragons
20166Broncos12 vs 38Dragons
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201724Aug 1913:00 Knights 57%vs43% Storm List 2017 Compare 2017
201524Storm18 vs 26Knights
20165Storm26 vs 34Knights
201619Knights24 vs 26Storm
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201724Aug 1915:30 Roosters 64%vs36% Tigers List 2017 Compare 2017
20159Roosters38 vs 28Tigers
201520Tigers22 vs 28Roosters
201613Roosters20 vs 14Tigers
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201724Aug 1917:30 Cowboys 44%vs56% Sharks List 2017 Compare 2017
201516Cowboys56 vs 10Sharks
201522Sharks22 vs 32Cowboys
20161Cowboys16 vs 30Sharks
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201724Aug 2012:00 Raiders 39%vs61% Panthers List 2017 Compare 2017
201520Panthers64 vs 8Raiders
201525Raiders8 vs 38Panthers
20161Raiders36 vs 34Panthers
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201724Aug 2014:00 Bulldogs 42%vs58% Sea Eagles List 2017 Compare 2017
20153Sea Eagles34 vs 16Bulldogs
20157Bulldogs30 vs 30Sea Eagles
20161Sea Eagles12 vs 40Bulldogs
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You can click on the home or away teams to show all games played this year by these teams or click on the referee to show all games this referee has controlled. The compare games and list games will show games that these two teams have played while the show all will show all games that these two teams have played each other. Where the scores are showing as a percentage (these are the games that are yet to be played) I have written a formula to work out the probablity of each team winning based on previous times these two teams have played each other (with later games having a higher ranking), games both teams have played this year and the highest ranking going to games where both teams have played the same team.

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