Win by 11 and over
Win by 6-10
Win by 5 and under

YearRoundDateTime Home Team Score Score Away Team  Previous Games 
20149Apr-2513:48 Swifts 51%vs49% Steel List 2014 Compare Games
201213Swifts55 vs 42Steel
20137Steel60 vs 55Swifts
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20149Apr-2616:20 Pulse 40%vs60% Vixens List 2014 Compare Games
201213Pulse41 vs 49Vixens
20137Vixens52 vs 30Pulse
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20149Apr-2712:18 Firebirds 65%vs35% Fever List 2014 Compare Games
20129Fever55 vs 56Firebirds
201213Firebirds63 vs 43Fever
20137Firebirds63 vs 54Fever
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20149Apr-2719:20 Magic 73%vs27% Thunderbirds List 2014 Compare Games
201213Magic59 vs 42Thunderbirds
2012SemiMagic49 vs 48Thunderbirds
20137Thunderbirds45 vs 33Magic
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20149Apr-2819:40 Tactix 36%vs64% Mystics List 2014 Compare Games
20129Mystics57 vs 56Tactix
201213Tactix55 vs 64Mystics
20134Tactix80 vs 78Mystics
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Click on the details link to show more details about this game. You can click on the home or away teams to show all games played this year by these teams. The compare games and list games will show games that these two teams have played while the show all will show all games that these two teams have played each other. Where the scores are showing as a percentage (these are the games that are yet to be played) I have written a formula to work out the probablity of each team winning based on previous times these two teams have played each other (with later games having a higher ranking), games both teams have played this year and the highest ranking going to games where both teams have played the same team.

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